Heavy Duty Lug for Compacted XLPE (500mm²)

Manufacturer: Stone-Stamcor

Table 2

A lug is crimped mechanically or soldered to a cable ensuring agood connection. They are normally made out of tinned copper or aluminium and the conductor sizes can vary from small to large lugs (please download the PDF for full list of the sizes that are available).

Nominal Lug Size: 500mm²
Typical Conductors: 27mm²
Spade Length: 52mm
Spade Hole Position: 25mm
Specification: IEC 61238-1 Tested

Used for the termination of wire and cable ends to an electrical device, for example circuit breakers, switchgear, transformers, etc.
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Specification IEC 61238-1 Tested
Nominal Lug Size 500mm²
Typical Conductors 27mm²
Spade(Length) 52mm
Spade(HolePosition) 25mm
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