XLPE Aluminium Cable Type A AWA (630mm²)

11kV MV 1 Core

Medium voltage XLPE Aluminium Cable. 11kV MV XLPE Aluminium 1 Core Type A AWA (Aluminium Wire Armour).

Voltage: 6350/11000
Conductor Size: 630mm²
Weight: 4.5kg/m
Cores: 1 Core
Nominal Diameter:
SANS 1339

Underground reticulation, main distribution systems and sub-stationed mining
Products specifications
Kilovolt(kV) 11
Volt 6350/11000
Conductor Size 630mm²
Your Industry Commercial
Weight 4.5kg/m
Number of Cores 1 Core
Nominal Diameter 58mm
Specification SANS 1339
Armoured or Unarmoured AWA
Your Industry Industry
Your Industry Mining
Your Industry Renewable
Your Industry Utilities
Your Industry Infrastructure