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To all ACTOM EP's valued customers:

Actom Electrical Products is currently closed due to the national lock down. Please note that ACTOM is registered as an Essential Service Provider, so should you require any emergency assistance during the lock down period, kindly contact the relevant person you normally deal with for assistance, or one of the people listed below:

Cable: Mike Ullyett Mobile: 083 629 8331 E-mail:mike.ullyett@actom.co.za
Transmission & Dist: Isabel Magalhaes Mobile: 082 908 7191 E-mail:isabel.magalhaes@actom.co.za
Lighting, heating & ventilation: Jenny Pretorius Mobile: 083 556 9211 E-mail:jenny.pretorius@actom.co.za
Overhead line materials: Quinton Brittion Mobile: 072 317 7845 E-mail:quinton.brittion@actom.co.za
Cable accessories: Warren Filippa Mobile: 076 335 1544 E-mail:warren.filippa@actom.co.za

Please look after yourselves during this lock down period and take heed of all the limitations and regulations imposed by government, for you and your family to stay safe.

Wishing you a safe and healthy lock down period!


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