Distribution Information


High voltage equipment

11kV - 132kV:
  • Outdoor SF6 circuit breakers
  • Earth switches
  • Oil filled current and voltage transformers
  • Vertical break, single side break, double side break and centre break disconnect switches
11kV - 33kV:
  • Outdoor kiosk-type circuit breakers (dog box)
  • Distribution surge arrestors
11kV - 22kV:
  • Metering units (combined current and voltage transformers
  • Indoor switchboards type DNF7 up to 2 500A
  • GIS indoor switchboards up to 2 500A
  • Furnace circuit breakers

Maintenance on all types of circuit breakers

Low and medium voltage switchgear

  • Low voltage indoor and outdoor switchgear
  • Motor control centres
  • Medium voltage indoor and outdoor switchgear
  • Minisubstations 200kVA to 1250kVA
  • Power rating 16kVA to 5 000kVA
  • Voltage rating 3.3kV to33kV
  • Mobile substations and skid mounted minisubstations
  • Metering units
  • Ring main units

Distribution transformers

Power ratings: 16kVA to 5 000kVA
Voltage ratings: 3.3kV to 33kV

Low voltage switching, measurement and protection

  • Small frame moulded case circuit breakers 2.5 and 5kA
  • Large frame moulded case circuit breakers to 100kA
  • Air circuit breakers
  • Earth leakage units and switch disconnectors
  • Gulley Boxes
  • Contactors
  • Energy meters and analysers
  • Protection relays
  • Industrial fuses and associated fusegear
  • Terminal blocks
  • Ready boards
  • Surge arrestors
  • Drop out fuses
  • Distribution poles