Additional Products


Heating and ventilation

  • Xpelair extractor fans for commercial and domestic use
  • Redring instant hot water appliances
  • Convection heaters
  • Fan heaters
  • Infra red heaters
  • Industrial and mining ventilation fans
  • Commercial oscillating & ceiling fans

Electric motors

Low voltage

  • ACTOM Powertrim range of general-purpose machines, 0.18kW to 110kW, 400V and 525V, as well as single phase 0.25kW to 22kW, 230V
  • ACTOM LS6 premium efficiency machines, ratings from 0.37KW up to 450KW at 400V, 525V and 1000V
  • ACTOM LS4 high performance machines, three phase 0.25kW to 400kW, 400 and 525V
  • Gearboxes, starters, drives, spares and accessories

Medium/high voltage

  • From 250kW to 15MW
  • TEFC, Cage, Slip ring motors
  • These motors are made to order, with specifications designed to the customers' needs
  • After market service

Generator Sets

Satchwell and Electric Elements

  • Geyser elements for both domestic and industrial application
  • Geyser thermostats
  • Kettle, oven, grill and urn elements
  • Air heating elements
  • Energy regulators and appliance thermostats (domestic and industrial)
  • Solid and spiral hot plates
  • Special elements to customer requirement
  • End user solution provider for heating applications